More Than Just Survival

March 15th, 2011 § 0 comments

The worst part of this story is that those involved quite probably believe that they’re acting in the best interests of the child involved. The poor kid is in a vegetative state and is not going to recover, yet ‘Priests for Life’ have spent hundreds of thousands on a medical airlift to keep him on a ventilator at a new facility – the hope is that he can die at home over the course of six months or so. The absolute best case scenario is that the child in question has such severe neurological damage that he has no self-awareness – the time, money and emotional stress has all been for nothing, but at least the boy’s problems have long since ended. The much, much worse possibility is that he is still self-aware, and is trapped in a body that can still feel pain but cannot communicate with the outside world; if that’s the case, then the parents, and the priests, are fighting for the right to prolong a child’s suffering unnecessarily.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with death. Sure, a happy, healthy life is the preferable option, but if that’s no longer on the table then painful, forced survival simply for survival’s sake benefits nobody.

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